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Large Car Carriage Panel Plate Roll Forming Machine

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Large Car Carriage Panel Plate Roll Forming Machine

1. The structure is simple and the appearance is beautiful. Because the whole machine adopts the section steel structure and is processed as a whole after welding, the structure is simple and reasonable, the storage capacity is strong, and the operation is stable and reliable.

2. It adopts full-automatic cut-off with fixed length and precise positioning. The shape of plate head and tail are beautiful and tidy without deformation.

3. The installation and debugging of the equipment is convenient, simple and easy to operate, which is suitable for both factory production and transportation to the site for processing and production.

4. Low noise, no pollution and low consumption.

carriage plate roll forming machine

technical parameter

1. Equipment size: 8.5m * 1.5m * 1.2m

2. Thickness of pressing plate: 0.8-2mm

3. Motor power: 15kw

4. Working voltage 380V / 50Hz / 3Ph

5. Production speed: 5-8m / min

6. Transmission mode: 2-inch chain transmission

7. Forming shaft of the whole machine: 13 rows

8. Large frame: 400H section steel, vertical plate 16mm

9. Wheel material: bearing steel quenched, polished, hard chrome plated

10. Shaft material: 45 × steel

11. Shaft diameter: 100mm

12. Shear knife: made of Cr12 material and quenched at high temperature, composed of three knives

13. Forming part: it is divided into precision wheel rotary forming, which reduces the friction between wheel and raw material, and is convenient and quick for debugging.

14. Electrical system: adopt Taiwan Delta PLC panel, kel-320 display, Taiwan delta frequency converter to realize automatic production of the whole machine, and set batch, workpiece length, quantity, etc.

15. Operation mode: input screen + button, encoder counting, with counting and length recording function.

16. Work flow: uncoiler - guide feeding - roll forming - fixed length cutting - finished product out of the plate, fix the workpiece manually, roll up manually, enter the PL operation page - press the "start" button - plate automatic entry - start according to the set program - automatically cut off after reaching the set size, and the automatic pressing plate forming of this equipment is completed.

17. Feeding guide platform: left and right guide devices are set at the feeding port of the main engine. During operation, both sides of the raw material sheet enter the main machine through the left and right guide to keep the correct position of the raw material sheet and the roll forming system. Guide position can be adjusted by manual screw mechanism, and left and right can be adjusted independently.

18. Cutting system after forming: the cutting system is composed of cutting frame, cutting mold, guide device and cutting oil cylinder.

19. Counter: photoelectric rotary encoder

20. Precautions: power supply input: the voltage fluctuation of three-phase 380V power grid is less than or equal to 10%, and the distance between the front and back left and right sides is more than 1m from the wall and other barriers

21. Hydraulic power: 7.5kw

22. Total weight: 7.5t

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carriage plate roll forming machine
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